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Marathon Training Update – 10 weeks to go

Posted by DarrenG on February 08, 2013

Training is going at full steam as the end date seems to be careering toward me. Since the last update I gave in struggling against the weather. The snow fall meant training was difficult at best and plain stupid once it had begun to freeze and ice over. So I signed up for 3 months at a local gym and wish I’d done it earlier.

Whilst the snow wasn’t around for long, it means I can now buy ambien online canada and vary my training and do some much needed core fitness work to supplement the running. I hate treadmills, they’re mind numbingly boring and the longest I managed in one hit was 25mins before my brain screamed ‘enough’! So I am still running out on the roads Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. But on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I hit the gym for a circuit of weights and mat work that is strengthening my upper body, legs and core. And after only two weeks I could feel the difference.

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Marathon Training – 16wks to go!! Don’t Panic

Posted by DarrenG on January 19, 2013

My last blog update was way back in mid-December when I’d just managed an 11-mile long run. The following week we were in wales visiting my parents and I managed a 7-mile run around a local landmark, the Great Orme which involves a 2.5m climb, hard work but great when you get to run for two miles downhill after the half way point.

And from there it all went downhill quite literally. The week after I did 4miles, 6 miles, 4 miles and then set off on a 12-mile run. For whatever reason I didn’t manage it. I felt really tired from the off and by the time I reached the half way mark at 6-miles I was exhausted and new I couldn’t complete it.

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London Marathon – Legs Eleven 1

Posted by DarrenG on December 14, 2012

Another week behind me. I managed to add another mile onto my long run on Sunday with an 11-miler. The modified route incorporated some hill work at about 4.5 miles which was ‘interesting’. The route is 5.5miles out and then turn about and return home. So whilst the hill was quite tough on the outbound leg, it was a killer on the return! The payback being a gentle downhill slope once it had been crested which was a blessed relief at that point.

I’m still finding I go through highs and lows during the runs. I may start off feeling tired and then find I have a burst of energy for a few miles followed by another trough. I’m not sure if it’s possible to iron these out, for a more consistent run, or if it’s just a part of running. I also need to get a better understanding of fuelling, particularly the meal the night before the long run and the best food to consume post run.

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London Marathon – double digit miles

Posted by DarrenG on December 02, 2012

Eight weeks in and, spurred on by my 8-mile long run last Sunday, I decided early on that I’d have a crack at running 10-miles this week. The mid week runs were a three miler and two 4 milers and all were relatively slow paced which was annoyed me a little as I feel like I should be capable of running a little faster on the shorter runs by now.

With a party to attend on Saturday evening I decided to attempt the 10-miles on Saturday rather than Sunday. The thought of trying to run my longest distance yet with a hangover was not enticing! Saturday would also be my first alcohol since October having agreed to join a friend in a month of abstinence, so the beer was likely to have more effect than normal (and it did!).

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Week 7 – 2013 London Marathon – mile building

Posted by DarrenG on November 25, 2012

Clean forgot to post a status update for week 5. I didn’t miss any runs I promise but, apart from the list of runs in Garmin Connect I can’t recall anything worth telling you all about, apologies!

However, this week has been very positive. I managed to beat my 5k PB on a 4 mile run on Thursday and decided I’de shoot for 8 miles today. I plotted a 4-mile out and back course through a local estate and this morning set out with drink bottle in hand. And then I returned because I;d forgotten my GPS watch, and then for the third time returned because I’d left the drink bottle!

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