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iPad: A game changer 3

Posted by DarrenG on January 30, 2010

Funny as some of the comments are following the iPad launch, the ethos of computing may very well have changed with the launch of iPad.

How many of us spend time supporting the PC installs of family, relatives and friends? Who hasn’t taken a call from a family member asking why the laptop won’t load the internet or why, when they click on an application icon, nothing happens?

The vast majority of computer users ask no more of their little boxes of magic than they should power on when commanded and that they should be able to browse the web, send email and write a letter when they wish?

Few of these users even know what multi-tasking is let alone need it so all the hyperbole about its absence is a red herring. They don’t do a dozen things at once on a computer and they methodically open and close applications one at a time.  It’s a prayer to the computing gods in the hope that the next time they need to, it will power on and behave!

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BE Broadband ADSL2+ A big thumbs up

Posted by DarrenG on July 29, 2009

be-broadband-logoHaving had a few days now in which to appraise the BE Broadband service I am delighted to report that it far surpasses expectations.

Not only am I now enjoying un-metered and un-throttled ADSL but I’m syncing at 18Mbps which is a huge improvement on the 5.5Mbps I was getting with PlusNet.  I should point out that PlusNet could not offer me ADSL2+ for some reason.

Although Be Broadband have recently redesigned their website which now looks hideous, if you can get past that you will get a great service.  Tickets are promptly replied to and updated via SMS and I’ve been amazed at the pleasant and helpful replies.

On Saturday whilst I was still awaiting my BEBox ADSL2+ router I opened a ticket asking for the IP details I needed so I could try connecting with my existing ADSL2+ compatible Netgear router.

Given my experience with PlusNet I wasn’t expecting a reply anytime soon but instead I had the answer via the ticket system and an SMS within an hour.  Again yesterday I asked where my router was and had a reply apologising, stating that the courier would deliver today and not only did that happen but they followed it up with an email to confirm I had received it. Fantastic!

So now I can enjoy Spotify, BBC iPlayer and other sites without worrying about bumping up against the limits PlusNet imposed and so far I’ve not seen any slow-downs during the normal peak periods.

If you’re looking to change, you can’t go far wrong with these guys.

Ahh so that’s why my blog posts have disappeared!

Posted by DarrenG on July 27, 2009

errorAnd it was all going so well, I ought to have known better!

I’ve just returned from two weeks holiday during which time I decided it would be convenient to abandon PlusNet and their download caps and throttling for a better provider.

So I conducted my research and chose Bethere and there ADSL2+ service.  The switch took place whilst I was away and in the meantime I moved my domain to a new host ready to go.  Easy eh?

But I forgot to take a backup of my SQL database, schoolboy error I know but I was distracted by the prospect of two weeks holiday!

So whilst I am now enjoying the 17Mbps unmetered and unthrottled connection I am left with an empty blog with no content!

Now where was I …….

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