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Ahh so that’s why my blog posts have disappeared!

Posted by DarrenG on July 27, 2009

errorAnd it was all going so well, I ought to have known better!

I’ve just returned from two weeks holiday during which time I decided it would be convenient to abandon PlusNet and their download caps and throttling for a better provider.

So I conducted my research and chose Bethere and there ADSL2+ service.  The switch took place whilst I was away and in the meantime I moved my domain to a new host ready to go.  Easy eh?

But I forgot to take a backup of my SQL database, schoolboy error I know but I was distracted by the prospect of two weeks holiday!

So whilst I am now enjoying the 17Mbps unmetered and unthrottled connection I am left with an empty blog with no content!

Now where was I …….


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