Technology scribbler, gadget geek, two-fingered typist, Mac user & all round computing nerd...

About Me

I’m a 46+ inveterate tinkerer, technology journalist and self confessed geek. I’m the owner of and co-founder and Editorial Director at I also contribute articles and reviews for a number of mainstream consumer technology magazines.

I’m ex-Army, having served 14 years in the Royal Military Police and whilst serving I trained as a Unix Sysadmin. Having become conversant in all things Unix I Then spent the next 10 years installing and configuring windows servers and networks and didn’t touch Unix thereafter. That’s typical of the Army. I also have a Class 1 HGV licence despite never having driven a HGV since I passed the test!.

I converted (if you can still claim to be a convert after 6+ years?) to Mac as my personal choice a long time ago. However I recognise that others are happy with Microsoft. That’s fine by me and I’ve no time for the PC/Mac debate. The same goes for iOS/Android. I’m firmly in the Apple camp but if you’re an Android fan, then good for you.  I now spend a good deal of my time installing and repairing Mac’s, iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Married with one daughter and ‘Lucky’, our Lakeland Terrier.

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