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Puppy Training – A battle of wills!

Posted by DarrenG on January 27, 2010

Our Lakeland Terrier puppy – ‘Lucky’ is now 5mths old and the time has come to begin attempting some training. The breed is described as strong willed and stubborn and our little monster is both of them and more!

Although clearly very clever, she does what she wants when she wants to.  If not in the mood the sound of her name will not even raise so much as a cocked ear and so the training could not come soon enough.

And so last week MrsG and our daughter began the lessons, first of which was an owners only briefing on what would be required, what to expect etc.  Last night was the first actual lesson and not entirely unexpectedly we discovered that our ‘Lucky’ was far more interested in all the other dogs in the class than listening to and learning commands!

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Feeling lucky to have ‘Lucky’ 4

Posted by DarrenG on November 10, 2009

charlie-luckyWell Saturday we finally collected ‘Lucky’ our 11wk old Lakeland Terrier.  This entailed a long trip to Cheshire and back and she handled the trip magnificently sleeping for most of the 5hr journey home.

She’s spent the weekend settling in to life in her new home and is huge fun.  Lakeland’s are a breed that is growing rarer by the day so whilst it took us a very long time to find her we are delighted to finally have her home.  They look very much like a small version of an Airedale with powerful back legs, beared face and thick wiry coat.  Typical Terrier traits, intelligent, inquisitive, playful and importantly for us, ideal for people who are allergic to pet hair as she does not moult.  As both Charlie and I suffer from this it was a driving factor in choosing a Lakeland.

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Our new family member – Lucky 1

Posted by DarrenG on November 01, 2009

lucky-fr-iconFor almost a year know we have been searching for a dog to join our family.  Our daughter has wanted one for many years and we chose to wait until she was old enough to take some responsibility.

Earlier this year we started the search for a suitable breed and by luck one day whilst out walking we came across what we all agreed was a lovely looking dog.  Chatting with its owner we discovered it was a Lakeland Terrier.  Further research revealed this was an ideal breed, good natured, intelligent if a little ‘lively’ and the size we were looking for, smaller than a labrador, larger than a toy dog or Jack Russell.

We though that deciding and agreeing on a breed would be the hard part but we were wrong!  Lakeland’s are a rarer breed nowadays having fallen out of the mainstream and so locating a dog was not easy.  We wanted a bitch and originally set out to locate a red. Typically these are the rarest, most being black and tan.

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