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BE Broadband ADSL2+ A big thumbs up

Posted by DarrenG on July 29, 2009

be-broadband-logoHaving had a few days now in which to appraise the BE Broadband service I am delighted to report that it far surpasses expectations.

Not only am I now enjoying un-metered and un-throttled ADSL but I’m syncing at 18Mbps which is a huge improvement on the 5.5Mbps I was getting with PlusNet.  I should point out that PlusNet could not offer me ADSL2+ for some reason.

Although Be Broadband have recently redesigned their website which now looks hideous, if you can get past that you will get a great service.  Tickets are promptly replied to and updated via SMS and I’ve been amazed at the pleasant and helpful replies.

On Saturday whilst I was still awaiting my BEBox ADSL2+ router I opened a ticket asking for the IP details I needed so I could try connecting with my existing ADSL2+ compatible Netgear router.

Given my experience with PlusNet I wasn’t expecting a reply anytime soon but instead I had the answer via the ticket system and an SMS within an hour.  Again yesterday I asked where my router was and had a reply apologising, stating that the courier would deliver today and not only did that happen but they followed it up with an email to confirm I had received it. Fantastic!

So now I can enjoy Spotify, BBC iPlayer and other sites without worrying about bumping up against the limits PlusNet imposed and so far I’ve not seen any slow-downs during the normal peak periods.

If you’re looking to change, you can’t go far wrong with these guys.


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