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iPad: A game changer 3

Posted by DarrenG on January 30, 2010

Funny as some of the comments are following the iPad launch, the ethos of computing may very well have changed with the launch of iPad.

How many of us spend time supporting the PC installs of family, relatives and friends? Who hasn’t taken a call from a family member asking why the laptop won’t load the internet or why, when they click on an application icon, nothing happens?

The vast majority of computer users ask no more of their little boxes of magic than they should power on when commanded and that they should be able to browse the web, send email and write a letter when they wish?

Few of these users even know what multi-tasking is let alone need it so all the hyperbole about its absence is a red herring. They don’t do a dozen things at once on a computer and they methodically open and close applications one at a time.  It’s a prayer to the computing gods in the hope that the next time they need to, it will power on and behave!

PC’s have never been friendly despite claims to the contrary. And I use the term “PC’s” in the personal computing sense and not to differentiate Mac/Windows. My parents cannot grasp the complexities and depths of knowledge required to keep even a simple laptop running for more than a few weeks.  With updates, anti-virus etc required on an ever more frequent basis they telephone in frustration when yet again it won’t ‘do’ what is asked of it.

I read a superb blog post this morning which prompted this post  and it quite rightly asked what other consumer technologies demand we know so much about their operation in order to use them?

Solutions such as the iPad are game changers, we will look back on this time and reflect on the huge change that resulted and laugh at the computers we used to put up with. The iPad might be the catalyst of a long needed revolution in computing, just think, a computer that actually enables us to do what we want and assists us instead of hinder!

I know many of you that read this will be technically competent and quite at home with computers but don’t overlook the greater many who are not.

And even though my living is made on the internet and in the technology arena I’ll be buying an iPad as soon as they are launched. For me it is the ideal lounge based computer, lying on the couch browsing or updating social networks etc, so much more practical than any laptop.

The days of PC’s with their install routines, updates, defrags and anti-virus etc are numbered. A closed controlled ecosphere with a great user experience may well be the game changer in computing, it certainly was for mobile phones.

I’ve marked the calendar!


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  1. Steve Hearn Sat, 30 Jan 2010 12:49:12 GMT+0100

    Good post and I am with you completely, could you buy two and give one to me? LOL!

  2. MaFt Tue, 09 Feb 2010 10:31:22 GMT+0100

    I’m still not convinced. I’m 99% certain that computer owners LOVE having to mess about for 45 minutes to fix things before sending an email. I’m also pretty certain that I just made that up…!

    An interesting take on it. I think we’ve just got used to computers being a hassle instead of them just doing what they’re supposed to do. Computers seem to be becoming more ‘simple’ (in terms of UI etc) whereas phones are doing the opposite and becoming more and more complex!

  3. Gareth Slee Sat, 13 Mar 2010 12:58:10 GMT+0100

    I totally agree. I’ve watched my sister use her Mac and she’ll quit Mail when she’s done and the open Safari to browse the web.
    She’ll then quit Safari to and open Mail again 🙂
    Multitasking is not an issue for most people out there.
    My daughter lugs the best part of 10Kg of books to school. Those days are numbered too.
    The iPad is the beginning of the end for paper. Not overnight of course, but people looking back in 2050 will mark this year as the year everything changed…
    Kudos Apple !!!


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