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Marathon Training Update – 10 weeks to go

Posted by DarrenG on February 08, 2013

Training is going at full steam as the end date seems to be careering toward me. Since the last update I gave in struggling against the weather. The snow fall meant training was difficult at best and plain stupid once it had begun to freeze and ice over. So I signed up for 3 months at a local gym and wish I’d done it earlier.

Whilst the snow wasn’t around for long, it means I can now buy ambien online canada and vary my training and do some much needed core fitness work to supplement the running. I hate treadmills, they’re mind numbingly boring and the longest I managed in one hit was 25mins before my brain screamed ‘enough’! So I am still running out on the roads Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. But on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I hit the gym for a circuit of weights and mat work that is strengthening my upper body, legs and core. And after only two weeks I could feel the difference.

Last Sunday I tackled the 10 mile run which puts me back on the 16-week schedule that will take me up to race day, and I loved it. I felt great and thoroughly enjoyed the run and the challenge of doing some serious miles again.

I’m not going to set any records for speed, but 6 months ago I couldn’t run for 5 minutes so being able to run for more than 2 hours without stopping is, for me, a massive achievement. Whilst I do look at my split timings, and rejoice when Nike+ tell me I beat my fastest ever mile (I did a 9’30” mile on Thursday), the reality is that my marathon target is to finish, and that I fully intend to do!

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