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Marathon Training – 16wks to go!! Don’t Panic

Posted by DarrenG on January 19, 2013

My last blog update was way back in mid-December when I’d just managed an 11-mile long run. The following week we were in wales visiting my parents and I managed a 7-mile run around a local landmark, the Great Orme which involves a 2.5m climb, hard work but great when you get to run for two miles downhill after the half way point.

And from there it all went downhill quite literally. The week after I did 4miles, 6 miles, 4 miles and then set off on a 12-mile run. For whatever reason I didn’t manage it. I felt really tired from the off and by the time I reached the half way mark at 6-miles I was exhausted and new I couldn’t complete it.

The following week was Christmas week, I stuck with the program and even ran 4 miles on Christmas Day. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of failure and didn’t attempt the long run on the Sunday. The next week continued in the same vein although common sense meant I ran on New Years Eve instead of New Years day.

Then I skipped a week. I’d completely lost my mojo and just didn’t feel I had the energy to run. The emails from Virgin reminding me that there were now less than 16 weeks to go scared the hell out of me and so this week I decided it was time I got back on the program.

A gentle 3 miler on Sunday, another 3 miles on Tuesday and a 5 miler on Wednesday went well and I’m starting to feel good about this running lark again. And then on Friday it snowed, heavily. I’d bought a set of rubber snow grips last week that fit over trainers. They have small metal cleats to permit running in snow/ice and so, with little realistic prospect of my attempting a 10 or 11 miler this weekend, I managed 3-miles today and will try another run of similar length tomorrow.

Hopefully the worst of the snow will have melted by next weekend and I can buy ambien online us pharmacy and get a long run in. There’s still plenty of time, I started training much earlier than needed because I knew issues like this would arise. But the half marathon is less than two months away and in three months it’s the full marathon so there is an awful lot of work to do yet!


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