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London Marathon – Legs Eleven 1

Posted by DarrenG on December 14, 2012

Another week behind me. I managed to add another mile onto my long run on Sunday with an 11-miler. The modified route incorporated some hill work at about 4.5 miles which was ‘interesting’. The route is 5.5miles out and then turn about and return home. So whilst the hill was quite tough on the outbound leg, it was a killer on the return! The payback being a gentle downhill slope once it had been crested which was a blessed relief at that point.

I’m still finding I go through highs and lows during the runs. I may start off feeling tired and then find I have a burst of energy for a few miles followed by another trough. I’m not sure if it’s possible to iron these out, for a more consistent run, or if it’s just a part of running. I also need to get a better understanding of fuelling, particularly the meal the night before the long run and the best food to consume post run.

Despite the cold I’m still running in shorts. Although it’s a bit chilly for the first half mile I quickly warm up and I think I’d overheat if I wore running tights. Next week I’ll be skipping the long run as I have a visit to see parents in Wales. But I have arranged to do a 7-mile run with my sister around a local landmark, the Great Orme. That will be interesting as the first half is a long steady climb and, just before half way there is a very steep section of about half a mile to climb. Once half way is reached it’s pretty much all down hill to the end. I ran it as a kid when I was training ahead of joining the Army but the 20yr old self was a damn site fitter!

The weight continues to fall, I’ve now lost 17lbs since I started training and am within 12lbs of my goal weight. It’s great to be losing the love handles but I’m going to need a new wardrobe, I’m starting to buy ambien online overnight and look like I’ve borrowed someone else’s clothes.

I’m running the 2013 London Marathon in support of the National Autistic Society. See my fundraising page here.


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  1. The Moiderer Fri, 14 Dec 2012 12:37:21 GMT+0100

    Well done Darren. Don’t envy you the Great Orme run! I live in the hills so every run I had to do when training was a hill run. It meant that my distance relative to time was always pretty poor. But it’s time on your feet that matters and hill running is a great cardio workout. Well done on the weight loss too. You are well on track for the big day 😉


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