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What a difference a day makes

Posted by DarrenG on September 15, 2009

ilizarov-leg-spannerWell yesterday went quite differently to the way I had feared on Sunday! As many of you had predicted my fears were unfounded. The infection continues to improve and it’s so much better that we have now succeeded in applying a dressing to it, something that has not been possible at all since I had the op both because the frame is so tight against the skin and because it was so sore.

The Physio visit (which I had been dreading) went very well. I managed to walk quite some distance from the car park to the Physio Department at Frimley and instead of being chastised, as I had feared, for lack of progress, I was complimented on how much mobility I had given the frame and my being only 3wks post Op.

All the exercises they would normally offer, to mobilise my ankle and build up strength for walking and stairs etc they decided were superfluous as I have full mobility in my ankle and am already walking and managing the stairs. So I was left with some advice on increasing the mobility in my knee a little and have a return appointment in 3 wks to monitor progress!

I’ve also submitted a repeat prescription so that is the meds taken care of, the only thing outstanding now is the result of the swab taken of the infected pin Thursday. the GP told me we’d only here if it was bad news but you never quite know how long you should wait before assuming all is well! My course of antibiotics finishes Thursday so I’ll call her then to discuss the situation and ask if I need to continue with a further course.

The good news is lengthening has continued and so I’m very nearly half way through this phase with 12mm so far. Although we don’t yet know if the bone has grown at the same pace yet!


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