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Op Delay

Posted by DarrenG on July 27, 2009

ilizarov-femurMy forthcoming Op has been delayed one week because I have a latex allergy.

I didn’t realise this would be an huge issue but apparently it means I have to have a theatre specially prepared and so I’m now first in at 7am on the 21st August.

Disappointed a little as the sooner I can get in and get the Op over with the sooner I can start the long recovery process but I understand why they need to be cautious.

At least the delay gives me some more time to sort out things like baggy track-pants and shorts.  Where can I get those track-suit bottoms that have poppers up the entire leg?  They’d be ideal for wearing with the frame. I had hoped the summer would mean I could rely on shorts for the first month or so but from what I have seen of the weather so far I think we can forget that idea!


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