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2 Days to Go

Posted by DarrenG on August 19, 2009

ilizarov-femurAs you can see from the countdown clock on the right, there are now less than two days remaining before my day on the operating table.

Up until now I’ve been excited that it was finally happening and desperate to get the Op over with and begin the lengthening and then healing process.  i didn’t think I’d have any worries or fears until perhaps the day before at most. I was wrong!

As this week has progressed I’m ever more conscious of how big a step this is, it isn’t like getting your tonsils remove, this is serious stuff and whereas with most procedures, where you awake and start getting better, I’m going to awake feeling a whole lot worse and it’s going to be 3-4 mths of pain at least before it starts getting better.

I’m sure all these doubts and worries will dissappear once I’ve had the frame fitted and know what it is I have to deal with but right now there seems so much to consider and I can prepare for none of it because I don’t know how big the scaffolding is!

So I’ve bought a pair of svelte runners shorts that I’m hoping I can stretch to get on and at least provide me with some modesty in the first few days as well as some very chic baggy pyjama pants and tracksuit bottoms.  I’m gonna be target numero uno for the fashion police!


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