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10 Days to go 1

Posted by DarrenG on August 10, 2009

ilizarov-femurThis weekend I’ve taken the opportunity to visit my family in North Wales ahead of the op.  Eleven days to go now and it may be some time before I can make the 5hr trip to see them again.

We split the journey with an overnight stay at The Village in Dudley, one of a chain.  A nice basic hotel for travellers with excellent facilities and most importantly hotel wide free WiFi.  Compare that with the Oakley Court hotel we stayed at last weekend where despite tit being an expensive (and very lovely) four star hotel, internet access was an extra £20/day!

So the weekend in Wales has consisted mainly of BBQ’s and alcohol and the weather has been relatively kind with the usual mix of sun and rain that is typical of a Welsh Summer!  I also took the opportunity to purchase some clothing that I will hopefully be able to wear with the frame.  Two pairs of runners shorts that are high cut at the sides should work fine for around the house and what remains of the summer and also a selection of trousers.  One set are pyjama pants, thin and stretchy and not dissimilar to track suit bottoms and another pair are track suit bottoms which are much thicker.  The plan for these is to cannibalise one pair to add a panel to the other that will allow them to fit over the frame.

It’s all pretty speculative at the moment as we have no idea how big the frame will physically be.  But so long as I have something I can wear in the hospital post Op and for the journey home I’ll be happy!


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  1. Charlie Mon, 10 Aug 2009 15:13:55 GMT+0100

    Hi Daddy, I love you and will help you when you’ve had the operation. Just think that when you have it, everyday is a day closer to taking it off 😛


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