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Week 5 – 2013 London Marathon – running blues

Posted by DarrenG on November 13, 2012

A decidedly mixed bag this week with a mix of highs and lows where the running is concerned. The first run of the week was three miles on a one and a half  mile out and back course. The plan was to run out at normal pace and then try and run the return leg faster. But I cocked it up and ran way to fast on the outward leg and couldn’t beat that pace on the return. Still, it did result in a pace of 10’09″/mile, my fastest so far.

Thursday was an unremarkable four miles as was Friday’s three miles and then on Sunday I decided to try and add another mile to the long run , taking it up to seven. Whilst I completed it, I wasn’t a pretty sight when I made it home and my legs were decidedly wobbly. Still, my Garmin watch tells me I managed my fastest 5k in the first half of the course and my fastest 10k (by virtue of it being the first time I’ve run 10k’s!).  But I felt really nauseous afterwards, possibly a little dehydrated?

Whilst it’s quite an achievement for me, seven miles is, as someone was kind enough to remind me, only a quarter of the distance I shall have to run on the big day. That suddenly made this all seem a lot more daunting than it had before. For the first time I’m wondering how the h*ll I’m going to build up the miles if I’m struggling at a mere seven!

I’m running the 2013 London Marathon in support of the National Autistic Society. See my fundraising page here


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