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Week 3 Training Complete – 2013 London Marathon

Posted by DarrenG on October 29, 2012

Week 3? Where did that go? Not a great deal to report, I’ve stuck to the training and added 17 miles to the odometer which is all good. The more miles I cover, the better used to it my body gets (or so all the stuff I keep reading assures me!).

I’m still finding each run to be a very mixed and unpredictable bag. Some days I go out and find my pace is quite fast and I’m loving it, other days I go out and my pace has slowed again and I’m finding it hard going. It doesn’t seem to be related to tiredness or energy as far as I can see so who knows what the cause is.

I find it takes me 20 mins or so for my breathing to settle down and for me to settle into a rhythm and this seems to be perfectly normal. The new running shoes have been great and the only side effect (that I think is down to the change) is aching knees. Hopefully this is down to the readjustment they are causing to my gait and the aches will settle down in time.

As we had booked tickets to go and see Skyfall on Sunday afternoon I got up early for my 6-mile ‘long’ run. I normally prefer running late morning but it went OK albeit it was freezing! My hands and fingers were buzzing for the first 30mins or so. Might be time to try wearing gloves on the next early morning run.

Annoyingly, my Nike+ GPS Watch threw a fit, possibly because I didn’t adjust the time (clocks went back) and so it didn’t register a mile until I’d run at least 3 and the pace went from 29mins/mile to 00:00. But it did track the correct route when i connected it up and synced albeit it claimed I ran only 1.5miles in 62mins which is wrong. Nike, why can’t a GPS equipped watch correctly set the time and update when clocks change? It knows where I am so it should be easy to program it to do so. Points deducted.

Also a quick comment on Nike’s Fuelband. It’s doing its job in motivating me to get out. I know that a 3mile run will easily blow my daily target and it’s a nice little pat on the back when I get in to see it register ‘GOAL’. Here you can find many of best online canadian pharmacy review. Every little helps!

I’m at the stage were I can run 5k’s fast enough for me to consider participating in my local Parkrun ( Perhaps not this weekend but I’m definitely going to give it a try and see how I get on.

Oh and on the weightloss front, 4lbs lost this week, delighted with that. And I’ve agreed to give up alcohol for November along with others who are abstaining or growing moustaches in support of the Movember – prostate testicular cancer research event.

As always, if you can spare a quid for the fund raising I’d be hugely grateful. It’s all for a great cause and every donation spurs me on to keep running and reach the finish next year.

I’m running the 2013 London Marathon in support of the National Autistic Society. See my fundraising page here.


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