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The Frame Is Off!

Posted by DarrenG on January 24, 2010

Friday morning I had my op and the frame is now history. After a bit of faffing about I was wheeled into theatre at 9am and so keen were they to get it off that my consultant had begun unbolting the frame whilst I was still in the anaesthetic room being prepped!

I was lying there with an anaesthetist popping a cannula into my left hand, one theatre technician applying the heart monitor patches and another theatre technician spraying my leg with a liberal coating of disinfectant.

And whist this was going on, my consultant breezed in, shook my hand, said ‘now we’ll find out if it has well and truly set’ and then proceeded to wield the spanner.

Not the most encouraging of comments!! I can remember thinking, “I wish this bloody anaesthetic would hurry up’ and that was that.

I woke up in recovery about 10.30am and after receiving some pain meds for a very sore knee and I was returned to the ward at 11am sporting a knee to hip bandage.

I Managed to make a two course lunch vanish without any probs and was eventually released after much waiting about at 6pm when MrsG collected me. My first opportunity to wear a pair of normal trousers since August 2009!

I must confess that I had rather optimistically hoped that I would be walking about and bending my knee this weekend but the reality is it has been very sore and I’ve been told to rest for two days with no weight bearing.

As the leg was stretched 2.5cm, some muscles and tendons will be shorter than they ought to be and so, as I had a knee MUA (Manipulation Under Anaesthetic) as part of the op I suspect much of the leg pain I am experiencing is from the leg bending which has probable stretched a few muscles and ligaments. It should ease off in a few days.

So its early days but I’m already enjoying the absence of the frame, not having to perform daily pin cleansing and dressing and being able to sit with both bum cheeks on the couch rather than one with the other trapped in a frame with a pin right through my buttock! That was even more unpleasant than it sounds I can assure you.


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