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Running – again

Posted by DarrenG on September 07, 2016

App-Icon-512x512-strokedIt’s apt, if a little embarrassing that my last blog post here was post London Marathon three years ago and this one is a frank confession that I have done little more than run across the road since then. All that hard work wasted.

On the plus side, I started running again a few weeks back, starting, as I did last time with the Couch to 5k program and am now in the middle of Week 4, which means 5mins warm up, then 3min and 5min runs repeated twice with short walking recovery interval in between. To those of you who run that will sound pathetic, but it’s blummin hard and I am all but dead after the last 5min stretch. But four weeks ago the 1min run x 6 was my limit and by the end of next week I’ll have to do a 20min uninterrupted run so it’s a program that works.

No designs on doing a Marathon this time around, just painfully aware of my bulging waistline and it was time to reverse the trend before I ran out of clothes that would fit!

For anyone else who is considering the Couch to 5k program, I can buy xanax online legally and will recommend the GetRunning apps, served we well last time and working for me again this time around. It’s available for Android and iOS.


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