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Training Begins – 2013 London Marathon

Posted by DarrenG on October 04, 2012

Time for an update on my training schedule. Following a tip I bought ‘The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer‘ book and it’s already proved to be a great help. I’ll be  following their 16-week training program running which involves 4 runs per week.

Over the summer I’ve followed the C25k (couch to 5km’s) program which aims to take a non-runner from zero to 3miles in 8 weeks. I found the program superb, especially when coupled with GetRunning’s superb iPhone app (see here). But, the 16-week program assumes you can run 5 miles and so I’m now following a further 4-week build up phase which will bring me up to speed for the start of the 16-week plan. In total you need 5 months pre-event to follow this program and I’ve got six so should be OK.

I had been a little worried about my pace as it’s hovering around 12-13mins a mile, not very impressive. But other more experienced runners (and the book) have told me to stop focussing on the pace. The target is to complete the 26miles, nothing more. I’ve also got my sis staying over later in the month, she’s an experienced Marathon runner and fitness freak so she’s going to pass on some of her advice and tips.

As a techy, of course I have to have some gadgets to accompany me. I’ve settled on using a Nike+ GPS Sportwatch to measure my distance, pace, calories etc and record them for reference. I also have a Garmin Foreunner 605 GPS watch but it’s proved way to fiddly to use in practice. The Nike+ offers all the info Ii need and si simple to use and operate with big buttons and a clear display.  Oh and for some fun I have my iPhone loaded with the Zombies Run app.

So now it’s all about putting in the miles, building up the distance each week. Hopefully, as I get  fitter, I’ll lose some weight which will be a bonus. Twenty six miles seems like an awful long way to run right now, let’s see hope that a lot of hard worko over the coming months will will make it feel a little more achievable!

If you would like to sponsor me, my fundraising page is here.  And if you have any tips, then please do comment.


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