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London MarathonTraining Update – Fleet Half Marathon

Posted by DarrenG on March 07, 2013

An envelope arrived today, contained within was my race number and timing chip for the Fleet Half Marathon which takes place on 17th March.

I don’t mind admitting that seeing the number made me feel quite sick! Last week I managed to complete a 12-mile run in 2hrs and 15mins so whilst I’m fairly sure I should be able to complete the course, and more importantly, complete it within the 3hr time limit, I’m still nervous and I’m trying not to think about the actual day.

Training has suffered a few setbacks in the last couple of weeks. I picked up a blister on the ball of my left foot which I had to allow time to heal. I’d foolishly worn cheap socks rather than the proper running socks I usually run in.

And so I had been sticking to gym work. Last Sunday I felt happy that it had healed, there was still a small blood blister underneath where the original blister had been, but it wasn’t causing me any trouble. And so my wife dropped me 12-miles away and I began the run home. My foot started hurting only a few miles in but I continued. But, with only a mile or so left to run, I felt a ‘pop’ in my trainer and looked down to see a red stain appear. Bugger!

So now I’m having to avoid running yet again which, with a little over a week to go until my first ambien online us pharmacy and half marathon, is soul destroying. But I have to allow it time to heal or I risk suffering all the way to the London Marathon.

Still, if I can run 12 miles in 2hrs 15mins, and with a blister for most of it, if it heals I might actually enjoy the half marathon! I just need to ignore all the racing snakes who will leave me for dust within the first mile or so!


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