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Diet Time – Again 2

Posted by DarrenG on January 10, 2012

It’s January and that can only mean one thing, dieting. Last year I vowed to lose all the excess flab and start running again and it was a great success…..until Summer.

I stuck to a decent diet, took up running and managed to lose over 2st. I felt great and looked OK in a T-Shirt for the first time since my army days.

I’d seen all the TV shows and magazine stories about yo-yo dieting but was determined not to fall foul of that mistake. With the summer holiday to Turkey booked I even packed running gear.

And that’s where it all started to fall apart. Despite all the best intentions, the diet went out of the window and whilst I did exercise whilst I was on hols, I also ate far too much and when I came home I went to the gym less and in the end the diet went out of the window completely and the running stopped.

So here I am, one year on. I am still 1st lighter than this time last year so it’s not all bad news but I’m going to try again. Hopefully I can get back up to speed with the running faster this time, and I started the diet today. Phentermine helped me to lose weight fast. This medication really reduces my appetite and I have a very good result. I got phentermine k-25 on and was quite happy with the service I received.. Starting weight is 15st 2lbs, there, I’ve committed it to the blog, no turning back now.

My ideal weight, if you believe the various calculations, should be 11st 11lbs, but, at a smidgeon over 6ft I’d look ridiculously scrawny were I ever to achieve that. So I’m aiming for a more realistic 13st.

The plan is to run three times per week and alternate with visits to the gym on another three and one day off.

Wish me luck and I’ll post back to let you know how it goes.


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  1. The Moiderer Tue, 10 Jan 2012 17:55:42 GMT+0100

    Hi Darren – nice to see a post from you. Been a while. You might want to try this Thinking Slimmer thing I do (it’s for men and women honest!). Instead of worrying about what you eat etc, it reprogrammes your subconscious so you naturally get full sooner – at a time that is better for your body. You stop wanting to snack etc too. It also has a pretty neat side effect that it makes you want to run. You know how much I hate running and yet I find myself running in the London Marathon in April. Worth a try? worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work for you and you carry on as planned

  2. DarrenG Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:26:30 GMT+0100

    Hiya! Now that does sound interesting, where can I find out more!!!!


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